Basic informations

Email: (or online messaging form)
Mobile (cellular): +36 20 599 5758
Post: H-1148 Budapest, Kalapács utca 11/b, Hungary

Tax ID: 18659771-1-42
Registration number: 01-02-0015939 (old format: 15939/2015)
Statistical code: 18659771-7420-529-01

Bank account

HUF account: 12011069-01535246-00100005
IBAN (HUF): HU94-1201-1069-0153-5246-0010-0005
Raiffeisen Bank (SWIFT code: UBRT HUHB)

We accept assistance, but the payments do not yet reduce the tax base of companies.
Please take care of your transfer is in the correct currency.

Direct Email addresses

Tom Károly president:,
Annamária Tarr vice-president:,
András Gimesi Gime secretary:,
Zsolt Csizmazia advisor, founder secretary:,
Ferenc Badacsonyi art director: