Tom Károly

Tom Károly, the president of ABFA
Tom Károly
The president of ABFA
The photography is my job and my hobby. Much more precise terms: The photography is the way of my life.

I started my photography life when I was a kid in 1986 with a Smena Symbol 4b manual compact film camera. I worked in magazines like image editor, retoucher, and photographer – I dealt with a lot of photos of others. Most of my works are inside in wedding, event, and portrait photography. As a hobby I take pictures of dilapidated buildings and pretty models and vice versa: pretty buildings and dilapidated models.

I like very much the (black and white) film, but digital technology is also close to me. In addition to the shooting I deal with programming and with graphic design too. I have photography website, but now neglected. My weblog and my other sites are available from