Sara Pratchett

Sara-PratchettSara Pratchett was born in London in 1987, at the age of 6 she moved with her parents and siblings to Galicia, Northwest Spain, where she now owns an English School where she teaches the language to Galician speakers. At the age of 23 she became an owner of her first dslr camera, what she didn’t know was the wonderful talent and eye she had.

It all started by using the auto mode taking unusual pictures of flowers, of chessnuts, of anything she had in front of her… until one day she realized the camera wasn’t capturing the essential she wanted so she decided to start using manuel mode, so her life was based on books, magazines, youtube tutorials, courses and lots and lots of practice… Now she is a well known photographer. But she doesn’t make a living from it. Everything she does is done with love and passion, the special bond she creates with the people she photographs makes the photographs a wonderful memory to hold on to.

She lives sorrounded by beautiful forests and the most amazing beaches, full of history as she lives on the Coast of the Death (highly recommended to visit).

Her hobby became a theraphy, a lifestyle… from having one camera now she has 4 and always one in hand. She has won sevaral prizes, some of her pictures have been published in VOGUE magazine and is now working on a project to try and recover the native dog breed “Can de Palleiro” (Galician Speapard) by photographing her own dog, Xoia, with Galician Artists.

Her pictures in our exhibition, Lovers of Photography